Thank you for stopping by and wanting to know more about Spread Ideas, Move People. 

It all started in April of 2014. She's All In was born. 

She's All In culminated on a beautiful day as I divulged about self-discovery. I felt recharged from a vacation and needed the separation from the day-to-day to imagine a project that would enable me to share my passions and equip people to be the driver of their own lives. 

The gesture of stopping by is more than enough. Hopefully, the taste left in your mouth will entice you to come back again…and please, don't forget to drop me a line. I’d love to hear from you.

Wait, but this is not She's All In. You are correct. Spread Ideas, Move People was also born in 2014, but more in a tagline kind of way. It wasn't until the beginning of 2016 that I realized my true purpose was there: To Spread Ideas, Move People.

Photography, productivity, self love and Cafe con Pam Podcast is what Spread Ideas, Move People is all about. Things that don't typically make sense together, but somehow in my world they do. Maybe I was called to capture people's stories through pictures while dealing with my productivity obsession and having conversations with people. Are you a recovering procrastinator too? Head over to the For You section. I share the templates I come up with to help me stay organized. 

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Pam Covarrubias is a Documentary Photographer, Brand Strategist, Podcast Host and Storyteller at heart who works with individuals to help them develop their personal and professional identities while staying true to their story.

Throughout her diverse career, Pam has learned the importance of personal branding and positioning in the busy world in which we live. She is an accomplished graphic designer, photographer, motivational speaker, spiritual seeker, and mixed media artist: tools she uses to help others develop an effective brand.  As a creative as well as a strategic marketer, she has a keen sense of how to blend creativity and practicality to create the best results for her clients.

Pam’s mission is to Spread Ideas, Move People. Pam believes in the power of storytelling and, by sharing her own experiences, she encourages youth to do the right thing. Through her weekly podcast “Cafe con Pam,” she enables others to share their message and empowers them to fulfill their mission in life.

Since birth, Pam was introduced to the world of Metaphysics, Numerology, Reiki, Biomnemica, and Feng Shui. Over the past 10 years Pam has continued to seek growth through mentors, meditation, EFT, and healing crystals. Pam recently launched her Accountability Coaching service, a conscious program created to help individuals reach their potential while exploring past memories and clearing unwanted limiting beliefs.

Pam holds an Bachelor of  Fine Arts in Graphic Design and is a lifelong student of photography.  An engaging public speaker, she has earned a Competent Communicator and Competent Leader Certificate from Toastmasters International.

Currently, Pam is finishing her certification to be a Conscious Nutritional Coach, a service she will provide upon completion of the program.

Pam serves as the Marketing Chair for Chula’s Mission, a nonprofit organization that provides mentorship and guidance to motherless girls.


Occasional Blog Contributors

Ashley enjoying a painting class. 

Ashley enjoying a painting class. 

Ashley attended the University of California, Riverside studying Biological Sciences and returned to San Diego shortly after to work on her Master’s degree at San Diego State University in FDA Regulatory Affairs. She currently works as a Program Manager.