Accountability Group

If you listen to the podcast, you know I quit my cozy corporate job

And then I found myself rolling out of bed, making coffee in my comfy pajamas and suddenly I was at work. As you can imagine, that didn't go well. For weeks I found myself "busy" but really not getting much done until I realized that I needed to transition from my going-to-an-office-everyday routine, to now you work at home and you're-in-charge-of-your-own-time routine. 

They say the Universe works in crazy ways sometimes, I happened to go to lunch with a friend whom I had met in my Toastmasters group. At the time, she had been laid off and she was on the same boat as me. Not knowing where to even begin with this journey. As we continued the conversation, I asked her if she wanted to be my accountability partner. Not knowing what or how, I needed someone to talk to during the day about the weather and perhaps bounce ideas about projects I was working on. My dog Thor only could help me so much. 

A few days went by and we scheduled our first meeting. Two other amazing women joined us and I created a tracking spreadsheet to record our goals/progress and we met every Monday at 7am. We created goals and every week we'd report progress. We created our own support group! 

Fast forward almost 8 months later, we decided that we had outgrown the group. Life happens and priorities change. However, I found this group so powerful that I want to help you achieve your goals by providing a virtual accountability group. 

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