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Cafe con Pam Challenge
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If you’re already exhausted and feel overwhelmed with the amount of things you have to do, look no further! You have found the perfect FREE challenge to get you back on track

Launch Your Podcast Course
September 2019

You’ve been thinking about it, but don’t know where to start? Due to popular demand, I’m finally launching my step by step process to launch your own podcast. From ideation to launch and promotion.

PowerSisters Method
October 2019!

So you learned about the PowerSister Method and now you can't get enough huh? We so love you for wanting to hold yourself accountable and follow the program that lets you do it with another human. Because we believe accountability is important, we also believe in community and camaraderie, this is why the PowerSisteres Method was born. 


cafe con pam podcast

Home of the weekly podcast that shares stories of people who break barriers, change lives, and make this world a better place

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The fabric pocket that lets you live outside your phone.

Handmade by Women in Tijuana, Mexico. Ready for your phone to get some rest


PowerSisters Method

Accountability is one of the most important things necessary to help you reach your goals. Have you ever felt like you are alone and don’t have someone to rely on and confide? The PowerSisters Method was born to help you grow together and walk the path with support



Starting a business is more than a great product and a logo, it’s also about creating a foundation for your company that will allow you to navigate the world with purpose and soul.

A 5-Step process to take your branding to the next level is here.


Book Pam for your next event

We’re also available to come teach and speak at your event. We love partnering up with alike brands and companies looking to help others elevate their story. Branding, Productivity, and Accountability are Pam’s favorite topics to cover.