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In a nutshell, Patreon is a membership platform that makes it easy for creators to get paid. 

Receiving support from my listeners and my tribe on Patreon will allow me to cover the expenses that making a podcast brings. 

With my patron's support, I'll be able to purchase better microphones, travel to interview my guests and get a better camera to record video podcasts for you. 

Fill out the listener survey pretty please?

You're going to hear me say this in my show for the next couple months: We're taking a survey of our listeners, and we'd like you to participate. It will help me learn more about you - no matter how long you've been a listener or how frequently you listen to this show. So please take a few minutes and visit our website at You'll find the listener survey link right below. And you can complete the survey anonymously. Thank you so much! 

The Cortado Club!

Thank you to my amazing Patrons who contribute to making Cafe con Pam Podcast better! The following individuals are currently supporting me and helping me reach my goal! Lots of gratitude! 

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