Going back in time

A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to participate in a Pin-Up session. It was actually a class and it was a ton of fun. Now every time I see an old school car, I want to bring one of those beautiful models and capture a memory. 

During this session I learned a couple of things about Pin-Up Art and then I researched more: 

  • During World War II, the US Government designed Pin-Up posters featuring beautiful women so soldier's could be excited to come home to such beauties. 
  • Pin-Up posters were the beginning of Playboy as it allowed for the media to figure that Sex Sells.
  • The name "Pin-Up" came from the idea that these pieces of artwork would be Pinned up on your wall. 

I might play with this idea for the future. However, thinking about the fact that the purpose of these women on paper was to encourage men to come back from war leaves me a little uneasy. My feminist side comes out when I think about the origin. There can always be a spin-off though. 

Pam CovarrubiasComment