#WeAllGrow 2019

We made it to #WeAllGrow 2019!

It was a magical time. This is my third or fourth time at #WeAllGrow and it keeps getting better and better. I genuinely believe this event gives you lessons. This is the place where you will learn, grow, and evolve as much as you’re ready to receive.

To keep things real, my very first #WeAllGrow was not the best. I simply was not ready to experience the magic. My perseverance and love for growth kept me going back. Last year, I even had the opportunity to share space and talk to others about podcasting!

Here are some photos of this amazing time this year!


I think #WeAllGrow is to Latinas what summer camp is to Girl Scouts. I say this because this is the place where you see your friends you haven’t seen in a year, you see your online friends #IRL, and you create the best memories you’ll talk about until you meet again.

My takeaways from this year’s #WeAllGrow:

  • Opportunities will always come when you’re ready to receive.

  • There’s always room to make new friends.

  • You don’t have to be friends with everyone.

  • There is power in creating safe spaces for us by us.

  • Sometimes things must be felt and not said.

  • Supporting your community not only helps them, but heals all of us.

  • Words have power.

  • You’re never too old for a sleep over with your girlfriends.

  • Whether you want to go out and stay up all night, or eat pizza and watch Vida all night, both are ok.

  • Your Spanish and my Spanish are both beautiful.

  • Collaboration and community over competition. Always.

And because after returning from #WeAllGrow, we come back with a huge high vibrational state, it could be a bit hard to get back to our regular programming. One thing that’s helped me get back on track this week, is to download and reload.


First, we want to get out of our conference mode. We want to download all the fun times, and connections we created. Downloading will allow you to offload your brain from the weight you’re carrying while still leaving your body energized and excited about the amazing time you just had.

  1. Make a list of all the people you met and connected with.

  2. Write down what made you make the connection. Is it a future collaboration you talked about? A podcast trade? Is this someone you admire and simply want to keep in touch?

  3. What are next steps? This is the most important step because you want to make sure there is an action item. Perhaps you said “Let’s connect in the fall,” then add a date when you need to connect again. Perhaps you want to send an email or a thank you card. This is where you keep track.


Now, it’s time to reload your task list with next steps. If you’re like me, you allowed yourself to completely disconnect from the world to be 100% present in the moment. Now it’s time to prioritize what we need to do today and this week to catch back up.

  1. Brain Dump. You already know I will always tell you to create a brain dump before trying to plan anything. This is different from your Conference Download. This is specifically for all the things you need to do that are stuck in your head.

  2. Write a Must Happen This Week list. This list will have what you must absolutely-without-a-question do. Any deadlines, appointments, meetings, etc. All that goes here. Utilize your brain dump to separate the items.

  3. Write a Future Log. As you write your Must Happen List, you will find things you can do later. These things will go on your Future Log. We don’t want to forget them. We are putting them on hold this week.


And then you’re ready to get things done. You can practice the Download/Reload method every time you go to an event that has taken you out of your routine so you can get back on track.

Don’t forget to allow yourself to be in a comfortable state, take deep breaths before working on this, and enjoy your time!

P.S. I have created a template you can download if you want something already done! Download below!

Stay shining!