Living a Sensually Connected Life - by La Vida Divine

Guest post by Jhoselyn Thomas AKA La Vida Divine

7 Simple Daily Practices

Living a Sensually connected life is imperative for our overall health. On days in which our creative juices are flowing we feel more energized and also ready to take our lives to the next level. The reason for this is that our creative energy is probably high, clear and on purpose. Creative energy is sexual energy and we can make sure that it stays healthy and elevated to better serve us daily. Here I will share with you 7 simple yet important practices that you can incorporate into your life to bring forward your juiciest self!

Photo by Pam Covarrubias

Photo by Pam Covarrubias

Incorporate Healing Nutrients

Incorporating certain nutritious and delicious items into your diet will definitely allow your life to be more sensually connected. There are special ingredients, vitamins, minerals that are important not only for our well being, but also so we can feel sensually healthy. Figs, bananas, avocados, sweet potatoes, chocolate, maca root are some amazing foods that will help with sexual energy, feeling healthy and creative. Maca root for example is well known for its benefits to help increase libido, increase healthy circulation which can improve erectile dysfunction as well as vaginal sensitivity and elasticity. I love not only cooking sweet potatoes with figs but also juicing sweet potato raw for a more intense and direct absorption of its nutrients! Making a banana, avocado, chocolate pudding will not only increase the intake of some healthy fats into your body but infuse you with some pretty yummy aphrodisiac nutrition and textures that will have you dancing all day long. That brings me to #2

Move your hips

Dancing is such a liberating tool for our sensual energy! Aiming for at least 1 good shake of our tails will have an impact on our daily lives. In this busy times where we are always running or sitting still it is no wonder we are constantly feeling low on energy and our creativity takes a toll….. Every day in my home we put at least one song that will allow us to move to our own body’s need. Wether salsa, reggae, or a slow jam giving your body and hips at least 5 minutes of undivided attention and movement will surely increase the energy of your 2nd chakra which is responsible for your creative juiciness! So a bailar everyone!

Increasing your water intake

Water is what allows us to flow and also carry our frequency to our everyday life. During the times when we are sexually turned on water becomes our ally by increasing circulation to key body parts as well as increase lubrication to aide in pleasure. It would make sense then that to be sensually connected we would increase our water intake. A woman in her daily life needs at least 8 glasses of water to maintain our organs lubricated, have a good functioning elimination system… Doing something extra to that drinking water will connect that to your daily sensual intake. Take a few moments savoring and receiving all that water has to offer you. First thing in the morning before you brew your morning hot beverage, commit yourself to a tall glass of room temperature water….. Connect to the way it enters your body that has been at rest and awaiting the first sip of fluid. You can even place an intention into that first of glass water, an intention or purpose for your day. Drink up!

The Art Of Self Pleasure

It is an important part of our lives to learn how to self-pleasure, making it a conscious practice can have an impact in many aspects of our life.Incorporating a ritual or if you don't like that word, a step by step self- pleasuring instructions. If you’re not able to do this often please do touch your body daily! When you lotion your body do so intentionally!

  1. Finding a location conducive to pleasure, and making sure it's clean, tidy. Our brain plays a big part in our pleasure, thinking about the pile of clothes or garbage can’t and won't help.

  2. Set a timer that is realistic to your life. I like placing a warning alarm, if I have an hour to myself pleasure practice I place alarm at 45 min to allow the last 15 min to ground myself or increase pleasure to achieve orgasm.

  3. Place an intention to your practice each time.

  4. Mix it up different positions or “tools” your brain/orgasm connection will thank you!

  5. Commit yourself to your practice ( marathon runners are not marathon runners on day 1)

Incorporating Yoni Eggs

Yoni eggs are names for a beautiful semi precious stone carved into an egg shape and polished to be worn inside the vagina. ... Empresses and concubines of the Royal Palace of China used eggs carved out of jade to access sexual power, awaken sensuality and maintain amazing health into their old age! Using the yoni eggs during the steps mentioned above will give you benefits beyond belief!

Breast and Ovary Massage

Circular motion massage of your breasts and ovarian area of your pelvis will help release key hormones necessary for a sensually balanced day. This also increases the Sacred energetic connection between our wombs and our hearts.

Channeling your Orgasms

Using the technique shared during my workshops is key to bringing that juicy energy outside of your sexual practice. Breathing up while you’re mid orgasm, squeezing your kegel muscles and allowing that energy to move (even if initially is in your imagination, vision) upward and make circle around your body. You will notice that your overall energy, focus and creativity will have a boost of yumminess.

Photo by Pam Covarrubias

Photo by Pam Covarrubias

Now go live your sexy self.

~La Vida Divine

If you want to learn more about Jhoselyn (La Vida Divine) and her workshops, she’ll be in San Diego co-hosting Pleasure After Dark this August 15, 2019.