Ep 12 - The Humbled Therapist

Hello listeners! This is episode #12 of Cafe con Pam Podcast. In this episode we welcome our amazing monthly guest Priscilla: The Humbled Therapist. Because I believe that mental health is something that we don't often talk about in our community, we want to open up Cafe con Pam to be the place where we make it safe for us to talk about these types of issues. 

In this episode Priscilla and I talk about the After-Holiday Blues and what we can do to get our life back while taking care of our mental health. 

Priscila's quote of the day: 

I have everything I need to be happy

Our coffee of the day came from Ryan Bros Coffee in San Diego. 

Where you can find Priscila: 



Facebook Page


Thank you to Henry Castro for being our fantastic producer and for the song of the show Negrita Bailadora. Find more about his music here

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