Ep 27 - Lizza Monet Morales & LoveBug Nation

Hello listeners, this week we have a wonderful conversation with Lizza Monet Morales. 

Lizza is one of the top 10 International multi-platform bilingual journalists and social media influencers and the creator and founder of LoveBug Nation. 

During our conversation, Lizza tells us her story, how she took a traumatic experience and allowed light to shine through, what it was like to find herself alone far away from home and many more inspiring moments in her life that she generously shares with us. 

Coffee of the day: Eggs Etc

Lizza's remedy: Vicks Vaporub & The Miracle Morning Book by Hall Elrod

Lizza's Favorite Quote: No simply means New Opportunity

Connect with Lizza:

@xoxoLizza on all things Social

Thank you to Henry Castro for producing the show and for the song of the show Negrita Bailadora. Find more about his music here

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Stay shining!

XXOO - Pam