Ep 34 - Juana Gallo & La Comadre Pansha

Hello listeners! Here we are at episode 34 and this time we had a conversation with Juana Gallo who is Writer, Actress, and she's pursuing her Graduate Degree in History, Juana is a border-bicultural girl with a global mindset. Juana has contributed to multiple popular social media outlets such as TeleSur English, We Are Mitu and Travel Latina as a writer, talent and producer, and as writer and talent local tv shows in San Diego such as Tonight in san Diego and The Gloria Gold Show. She is also a cotton candy preacher and tamarindo lover.

Also, we had a conversation with La Comadre Pansha, a character that Juana performs. Pansha is a “mother, comadre and friend” of anyone who likes to gossip and can handle unasked advice. She believes she should belong to a higher socialite class even though her pink lipstick sometimes brushes her teeth. She sees the wrong in everything that is not traditional and conventional in everyone but herself, and will try to “fix” you in a motherly way if she is not too tipsy. She is catholic and cares about style and superficialities, but often will surprise you as she is discovering new places, people and cultures. After all, mothers always know best, especially her.

This was such a fun episode, we talked about being woke, feminism, and Pansha me regano as usual for my feminist views. Let us know what you think!

Coffee of the day: Pasión del Cielo 
Drink of the day: Iced Chai Latte

Remedio: Coconut Oil

Quote: "Donde pasa la Pansha, crece la envidia" - La Comadre Pansha

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