Ep 36 - OMG it's Eddie G & Tiburcio

Hi listeners! This week we sat down with Eddie G at a coffee shop in San Diego and we explored his story. Also, we brought on Tiburcio (the character Eddie G plays also).

Carve out some time for this one as Eddie and Pam dive in to multiple conversations at once, clearly showing what it's like to be in the brain of two people that think really fast (or what doctors say ADD). We talked about leaving Corporate America, the funny story of how we met and multiple lessons that he's learned after he decided to follow his passion to create videos.

Because of the length of this episode, Tiburcio's episode was uploaded as a separate episode.

Tiburcio refused to talk about his family, and we talked about his favorite foods, his strong dislike for smart phones, why he doesn't like the term Latinx and other things

Coffee of the Day: Cafe Calabria 

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OMG It's Eddie G