Ep 39 - Rosalva Patten & Finding Your Purpose

Hello listeners! 

This week we had a conversation with Rosalva Patten. FYI, this episode is mainly in Spanish.

Born and raised in Tijuana Baja California Mexico, Rosalva Martha-Patten (a.k.a. Rosalva Vasquez) had the need to heal her own pain after receiving her first baby Noel Vasquez diagnosis with HIV when he received a transfusion with tainted blood. Noel was 4 years old.

Since 1996 until now Rosalva has been opening five HIV organizations helping women and children living with HIV in Baja California: In 2010 the new Es Por Los Ninos, A.C. center is dedicated to the memory of Noel and to the Women, to the Children and to the Adolescents whose struggles in the fight against HIV and AIDS.

Listen to her incredible journey and wait until the end when she tells me a surprising story about her son Noel and the mother of his kids. Yes, he lived to be old enough to have two beautiful children.

Coffee of the day: This coffee is special, big shoutout to one of my listeners who sent me coffee for this episode all the way from New York! We enjoyed a cup of Joe's Coffee. Amazing pour over full of aromas and beautiful taste. Thank you @arte_vaq for the gift! 

Remedy: Lemon on a grill and rub on feet to cure illness

Learn more about Rosalva's organization: Visit Es Por Los Niños and get involved.