Ep 6 - Bosh Bosh

Hello listeners! Welcome to Episode 6! If you were here last week and wondered where the show notes were, well... they were on my draft posts! Sorry about that! 

We had the pleasure of talking to Charlene Espinoza, CEO and Founder of Bosh Bosh. 

Bosh Bosh's mission is to educate and offer skills to women and girls so they can restore their communities and, in turn, their country. 

In this episode we talk about Charlene's story. How she grew up and what made her create Bosh Bosh. 

Charlene's quote: When you educate one girl, you're not only educating her entire village, but her entire world. 

Charlene's remedioHoney with Lemon for your throat & garlic on skin when it hurts.

Our coffee of the day was found at The Red Door San Diego and it was simply their brew of the day. As usual, I drank mine black. 

Where you can find Charlene and Bosh Bosh: 
Bosh Bosh Project

Bosh Bosh Twitter

Bosh Bosh Facebook

Bosh Bosh Instagram

Charlene Introduces President and First Lady at #letgirlslearn White House Launch

Thank you to Henry Castro for being our fantastic producer and for the song of the show Negrita Bailadora. Find more about his music here

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