Red Blue and White...

There really isn't anything red blue and white in this set of pictures. This year, I started our first annual 4th of July Picnic at the park. I had some American Flag sunglasses but that was it. Does that make me less American? Does that make my friends enough American? I don't think so. I think the beauty of this country is that we are able to express ourselves and celebrate the holidays how we want to. 

I do believe it is important to acknowledge why we are having a celebration. Whether it is the anniversary of our independence or any other holiday, it is important to know why we have a day off to enjoy with the company of our loved ones. 

We played water ballon baseball and that was a lot of fun. I think I missed 3 out of 4 balloons that were thrown at me, in the end we all laughed and had a wonderful time. 



Since a lot of my friends are "orphans" in San Diego, we often spend time together compensating for the time we would spend with families. We have become our own little family of people who have migrated to this wonderful state of California. 

How do you celebrate 4th of July?