Don't create a story

The other day I sent an email to a friend and didn't get a response. I got a notification that the email was read and the reply was never received on my end. 

It was a simple question. Why didn't she just answer it? .. Maybe she got busy .. Maybe she forgot, should I remind her? .. No, then she might think I'm being annoying. 

And on and on my thoughts went. I created a story, or multiple ones for that matter. 

Finally I met with one of my mentors and as I was telling her what happened, she stopped me and said "Why are you making up stories? She didn't reply, that is all we know."

This lesson has quickly been coming back to many things that happens to me daily. We tend to assume a lot of things, we make up stories and when we talk to other people who fall under the same trap, then the story gets more and more complicated when we really don't know what happened. 

When was the last time you made up a story? Think about it.

- Pam