Sabor Latino San Diego

And the day finally came! It was a sunny Saturday and I arrived to the location, I could hear the colorful music and smell the delicious food I was about to enjoy. 

The booths were set up and each business was ready to start delivering their creation. From Breweries, Wineries, Restaurants and a lot of in-between, you could enjoy it all once you crossed the gated door and received your wrist band. 

Another cool thing is that there was a LIVE Art Show! It was wonderful! Two artists were painting there and showing their art. 

And let's not forget about the music, constantly there were artists performing and making us dance, the courageous ones would step on to the front and the more shy ones would simply tap their feet as they watched. Nonetheless, food, celebration and music were completely present at Sabor Latino. 

Kudos to the Team who put this together and big shoutout to Chef Alvaro for the selection of the Chefs this year. Buen provecho