Mom, daughter and a dog

As a photographer, what I enjoy the most from capturing people is of course learning their story. When I sent my questionnaire to Lindsey she really wanted to make sure her furry companion of 14+ years was captured as soon as possible. "He's been with me through a lot and I want to make sure I get some memories with him while he can still walk and get around." She's talking about her lab Snoopy. As many other labradors, Snoopy is already showing signs of hip dysplasia, he's walking a little slower and sleeping more. Also, her daughter L is growing and and Lindsey wanted to make sure family photos were captured so the memory of her being at this age was captured and kept.

I had so much fun with this trio at the beach in Encinitas, CA. We encountered an unexpected high tide so we had to stay ashore to avoid leaving with the waves as they parted from the sand.

I am so grateful to be able to capture these moments for people. I love it more when dogs are my subjects. 

When was the last time you took a photo with your furry friend that you can frame?