A day in the city

The other day my friend Jon and I had a fun day in which we walked and explored our city. I was able to capture him and the different moments that we were passing by. 

And I wondered about all the stories that cities carry, like those pants that are hanging from that pole, did someone take them off and hang them there? Or were they recently washed and needed to dry out so the owner didn't have to wear wet heavy pants? Perhaps, someone was trying to hide them. Whatever the reason for those pants was, is that they were there, being unnoticed, seeing the rest of the city live by. 

What about the people we stumble upon that live on the streets? We happened to walk by a man who was asking for money and countless people were continuing their stroll without acknowledging him, myself included. When he approached me and asked me for money, I simply nodded and kept walking. 

Jon took the time to stop and told the stranger that he had no cash available to give. The older man, responded with "thank you, at least you acknowledged me." 

How many times do we go through our day ignoring those details? 

As our walk continued, we came across a nice wall. We decided to play the fashion blogger role and snap some portraits, as you can see I'm a natural, especially the last photo. Definitely there's a reason why I am a behind the lens and behind the mic person. 

This beautifully dressed couple came out of a building and started walking in front of us. They started walking together, holding hands and as the end of the block began approaching, he sped up his step and I noticed that she couldn't keep up because of her nice heels. By the time they got to the end of the block it seemed as if she had been chasing him the whole time. 

Not sure what happened here, maybe a fashion blogger getting her photo taken? In downtown San Diego? 

Clearly, we are the people who take picture of their food. As you roll your eyes at me when I stand up to get the nice lighting on top of my chocolate brownie or mac n cheese. 

Can't deny this coffee photo is pretty cool though. 

Jon could not end the night without playing a bit of his Pokemon Go game. I guess it was time to go home. 

How do you spend your days off? When was the last time you went outside and explored your city? 

- Pam