Make your bed every morning

One of the things my mom always drilled us on was to make our beds every morning. It didn't matter if we were late already, she would make sure we left our room with the bed made. I strongly disliked it! As a kid, I would think it's going to get messed up when I get home anyway! 

As an adult now, I cannot leave my house, get dressed or start any activity unless I have made my bed. Making my bed every morning has been implanted deep down in my keystone habit vault. Looking back, I remember mom saying stuff like If you make your bed every morning, that's the first accomplishment you have made in the day, after that, everything gets easier. She was right. 

There have been several studies and articles about making your bed in the morning and how it psychologically prepares your brain to succeed. Not to mention the famous speech by Admiral William McRaven

Like Admiral McRaven and mom would say, if your day wasn't that great today. At least you would come home to a beautifully made bed. 

If you don't do this already, I encourage you to take on a 30 day challenge. Don't do anything until that bed of yours has been made. The moment you get up. Make that bed. If you're able to manage that, you will be able to tackle any task that comes your way.