Investing In The Mind

It’s amazing to consider that for the first twenty-two years or so of our lives, our main “job” is learning. Nobody is expecting anything from your other than to be the individual that is absorbing information and recalling it when called upon. The bulk of our time is spent in classrooms acquiring new knowledge that will act as a primer for lifelong success. And then, once we graduate from whatever level of education, we feel like the education phase of our lives is done and now it’s time to go out into the world and prosper. Have you ever thought about how odd that idea is? That only a quarter of our lives should be devoted to learning, and then we should simply rest on that education until we met our demise? This just isn’t going to work. Let’s talk about the benefits of investing in lifelong learning.


Lifelong learning can actually improve your cognitive functions. Your neurons will start firing differently and you will have a higher feeling of self-worth.  You start to become a master at something new, this will make you have a greater since of purpose, in theory, making life worth living!


The first step in making a change is identifying what you what to improve. You need to be open minded and select the most appropriate self-improvement program to help you achieve your goals.

Second step is evaluating the amount of time, money and effort you want to expend.

Step three is to practice what you’ve learned.

This varies based on your interests and goals. One category is profession development. This could be a business seminar, certificate that advances your career, attending conferences and beyond.  Secondary category is personal, this could be learning something new like taking a sculpture class or joining an improv team.  You could also watch documentaries, TED talks or simply make an effort to go to a local museum. For me, I choose volunteering in professional organization.

Using this Knowledge:

  • Perhaps you completed a project management certificate, you can now use that to leverage more responsibilities at your current job or use the certificate to find alternative employment or start your own business.

  • Maybe you learned a new language. You could volunteer abroad.

  • If you’re personal development was centered on leadership or public speaking then perhaps you could join a nonprofit board, mentor a wayward youth or coach the neighborhood tee ball team.

  • You will also increase the types of topics you can use to network and connect with others to increase your charisma.

All in all, you have the power to be as engaged or disengaged in the world around you. Why not use the time you have to learn something new?