Traveling Tip #1

Well, according to the Spread Ideas, Move People schedule, this post should have been posted yesterday. I am late. I have a reason and a great lesson though. Let me explain

First, I'm at Denver Airport traveling from Colorado to Arizona. It is about 8pm and my 9:40pm flight gets delayed about an hour. 

I head over to TSA and for some reason I felt some kind of anxiety as I was going through the line. I quickly removed the necessary items off my body and placed them in two bins: one for my laptop and one for my shoes, coat, belt and cell phone. 

Before I continue with the story, let me backtrack a little. About 2 weeks ago I got a Transcend Storage Expansion card and I proceeded to switch all the stuff I had in my hard drive to the card. There was a catch though, I got it before this trip and the girl who ordered at work purchased the wrong model (not her fault at all. She doesn't know my computer model anyway). When I received the box I was excited and decided to use the card anyway even though it was not the right one. I thought to myself, It'll work.

Back to Colorado and getting through TSA. I got to my gate, proceeded to pull out my computer and that unwanted, unexpected message popped up: You have unsuccessfully ejected 'Transcend'

Excuse me? 

Immediately I started searching on the floor, inside of my backpack, in my jeans pockets (don't ask me why, I was not thinking) and nothing. The card was gone. My vacation photos, my graphics files, my memories. Gone. 

This is when I thanked the Universe and God for delaying my flight. I had time to go back to TSA. I knew that is when the card flew out. When I was rushing and wanting to be at my gate so I could get some work done

Back at TSA I told a couple of the officers about my incident and they were remarkably helpful. They helped me search through bins, they went back and forth and looked for me. Miss, I don't think we will find it, one of the officers said. He suggested I report it to the airport Lost and Found department and hope for the best. 

Completely defeated and swimming in a sea of despair, I walked back to my gate. This time slow, tracing every step I had taken in hopes to see that little black piece of plastic that, to anyone it would look like an insignificant item, but to me it meant a world of memories, time and priceless items. 

Here's the traveling tip: Always, always carry a healthy bar to get you going. I had a Two Moms In The Raw bar that I had as my dinner. After all the back and forth I did trying to find my lost card I ran out of time. I only had about 10 minutes before boarding time when I got to my gate. Having a bar with you every time you travel saves you money, time and holds you up until you arrive to your next destination. 

I love Two Moms in The Raw bars because they're made with all natural ingredients, they're delicious and most importantly they are surprisingly filling. After eating one I'm satisfied for a good two hours. 

This is my bar and Mr Marty the MacBook

This is my bar and Mr Marty the MacBook

This is why the traveling post didn't show up last night. I took the picture, I knew what I was going to talk about, but my energy wasn't there. 

The most important thing I learned was to slow down. The work will get done, the place I'm going to will be there, time will pass anyway. Being present and existing right now is more important. The journey is what matters. 

What is your favorite travel bar? Have you had something happen to you that has made you slow down recently? 


- Pam

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