I don't even know where to begin. I have stared at a blank document attempting to write something that will comfort my pain, your pain, our pain. There is nothing I can say right now that can make things better. I do know we can all help. We can all do something, whether it's by donating a few dollars, translating or volunteering. Something is better than nothing.

The photos are from a recent trip I took to see the a group of deported mothers. These mothers have found each other and created a community. They support each other through monthly meetings while they grief the loss and separation of their families. 

Below is a list of organizations and other articles I found to assist with the current status we're living in the US. 

Article - Voice of San Diego What you need to know about family separations in the US

Article - Momsrising.org How can you help to end family separations 

List of Organizations - ActBlue Support Kids at the Border 

Article - Slate How you can help fight family separation at the border

Sign a Petition - Change.org Stop separating children from their families at the border

Call your senator - ACLU Your voice can help

The questions I continue to hear is How can I help? The answer is just help. Pick an organization that calls to you and roll up your sleeves and do it.


- Pam