Ep 14 - The Identity of She

Hello listeners! Here we are on Episode 14 and we had a conversation with Eboni Lacey, Creator and Founder of The Identity of She (TIOS). Eboni created TIOS as an identity focused blog and business for all that identify as female. The Identity of She created the #bodylovepledge - a nationwide pledge to love your body no matter your size, past or your scars. BodyLovePledge has been featured on Buzzfeed as well as seen on both celebrities and body positive activists. Eboni's mission is to spread body love to everyone as she wants all women to love every bit of themselves - even the parts that jiggle.

During our conversation, Ebony explains her experience with bulling and how she was inspired to create TIOS and encourage women worldwide to love their bodies no matter what anyone defines as beautiful. 

Eboni's favorite quote: 

"You cannot judge people because they sin differently than you" - Erykah Badu

Eboni's remedio

Epson salts, lavender essential oil, exfoliating mineral scrub and soap Calgon ageless bath. For a nice relaxing bath that helps relax your muscles. 

Coffee of the Day: Cartel Coffee Lab

Where you can find Eboni: 

The Identity of She on Facebook

The Identity of She on Instagram

Body Love Pledge Video

The Identity of She Website

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