Ep 15 - Chula's Mission

Hello listeners! Here we are on Episode 15 and we had a conversation with the founders of Chula's Mission: Mayra and Lyndsey. 

Chula's Mission was founded in Texas in 2010 by Lyndsey Ruiz after the loss of her mother to cancer.  While Lyndsey had always known how important her mother was to her, it wasn't until after her passing that she began to realize the sheer impact her mother had had in her life.  Upon realizing the void left by the absence of a mother, Lyndsey knew she wanted to start a non-profit for motherless girls.  In order to turn this dream into a reality she began looking for a partner who would share the same vision, drive, and passion.  It was exactly one year later, in March of 2011, that Lyndsey and future Co-Founder Mayra San Juan's paths first crossed.

Chula’s Mission runs their operations remotely and offers cooking classes, grief counseling and mentoring to young motherless girls between the ages of 11 and 13.

We had a lot of fun talking to these ladies and exploring their differences. 

Chula's Mission Remedio:

Honey and lemon in hot water for sore throat - Mayra.

Lyndsey doesn't believe in home remedies. 

Coffee of the DayThou Mayest from Kansas City, MO

Find out more about Chula's Mission: 




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