Ep 24 - Eddie Zamora, The Yum Yum Foodie

Hello listeners, we are back and this week we talked to Eddie Zamora, also known as The YumYum Foodie.

Eddie is a social media influencer and creator of the enormously popular travel and food blog, The Yum Yum Foodie. For nearly a decade, the former actor, singer, and caterer has traveled the globe in search of amazing and yummy foods from Bora Bora to the Bronx. Eddie is known for his honest commentary and reviews, cool adventures and recommendations on the best and worst places to eat, drink, and vacation around the world.

On his blog and social media platforms, Eddie shares his latest coffee shop finds nationwide, along with honest, insightful reviews. On his blog, Eddie says, “I’m the friend you call when you’re traveling to ask where to go eat and drink.”

During our conversation, Eddie explains what it was like moving to LA without knowing anyone, how he started his food blog and why he always looks for continuous improvement. 

Coffee of the day: Messenger Coffee from Kansas City, MO

Eddie's Remedy: Oregano oil for your respiratory system and two spoons of Apple Cider Vinegar to prevent heartburn

Eddie's Quote: "If you don't stand for something, you will fall for anything." - Alexander Hamilton

Where can you find Eddie: 

The YumYum Foodie Blog

The YumYum Foodie Instagram

The YumYum Foodie Facebook

The YumYum Foodie Twitter

Thank you to Henry Castro for being our fantastic producer and for the song of the show Negrita Bailadora. Find more about his music here

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