Ep 25 - Stephen dela Cruz & Entrepeneursh*t

Hola listeners, here we are again and this time we talked to Stephen dela Cruz. 

Stephen is an author, speaker and serial entrepreneur who specializes in helping budding entrepreneurs double their income in their first year.

As a college student, Stephen’s first entrepreneurial venture was a photography business that he built to multiple six figures in under a year. Soon, he went on to launch several other successful companies, each of which reached over a million dollars in revenue.

Today, Stephen is passionate about paying his knowledge forward to those just starting out. 

During our conversation, Stephen shares many learning moments, how powerful it was when he had his stroke before he was 30 and now he focuses on leaving a legacy for his family.

Coffee of the day: Heartwork Coffee Bar in San Diego, CA 

Stephen's Remedy: Eat 12 grapes at the beginning of each New Year

Stephen's Quote: "God bless, don't stress, live life to the fullest."

Connect with Stephen:  

Text 76626 - Successful
Stegela Success
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Stephen's Instagram

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XXOO - Pam