Ep 8 - Meryland Cuevas

Hello listeners! Welcome to Episode 8! This week we had the pleasure of Meryland Cuevas who has been recognized as the Top Digital Influencer by Latinos in Tech and Social Media (LATISM), recipient of the 2016 Best Latina Activist Using Technology in Social Media. Meryland is also a Social Activist, a mom, a wife and a fearless Latina who is making a difference with her positive posts and engaging questions on her social media platform. 

This episode is about 80% in Spanish, to all my English speakers this is your episode to test your Spanish skills! Also, you will also hear Meryland's Dominican-Puerto Rican accent and my Mexican accent. Enjoy! 

Meryland's favorite quote: You have greatness within you - Les Brown When you're inside the picture, you cannot see outside the frame - Meryland Cuevas

Meryland's remedioVicks Vaporub! 

Our coffee of the day was found at Bird Rock Coffee Roasters in San Diego and I enjoyed their Guatemala: El Injerto Red Catuai - a Direct Trade from Finca El Injerto

Where you can find Meryland and her blog Otros 20 Pesos: 

Otros 20 Pesos Blog

Otros 20 Pesos Facebook Page

Otros 20 Pesos Twitter

Otros 20 Pesos Instagram

Meryalnd's You Tube channel

Meryland's Coaching Page

Meryland's Coaching Facebook Page

Thank you to Henry Castro for being our fantastic producer and for the song of the show Negrita Bailadora. Find more about his music here

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