Ep 9 - Irma Herrera & Tell Me Your Name

Hello listeners! We are in Episode 9 with Irma Herrera who is a Social Justice Activist, she has spent decades as a public interest lawyer, and a handful of years working as a journalist. A native of South Texas, she has resided in the Bay Area since 1980. She is now a playwright and solo performer of her one-woman show, Tell Me Your Name

We have an insightful conversation with Irma, we go over her story of growing up in Texas, why she chose to be a lawyer, what it was like to be one of six Latinos in her class. She also tells us wonderful stories about people mispronouncing her name and the importance of staying true to your roots. 

Watch a little bit of Irma's play:

Irma's favorite quote(s): Those who say it can't be done, should not interrupt the ones doing it. - Anonymous / La verdad una vez despierta, no vuelve a dormir - Jose Marti

Irma's remedioVicks Vaporub! and "Limpias"

Our coffee of the day was a recommendation of another one of our guests: Cafe Bustelo - The Flavor That Doesn't Hold Back. 

Where you can find Irma and her show: 

Irma's website

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Irma's YouTube Channel

Thank you to Henry Castro for being our fantastic producer and for the song of the show Negrita Bailadora. Find more about his music here

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